Sunday, April 2, 2017

Almost Home

Move in day is near, April 10.  Maple Tree Cottage is a flurry of activity.  Appliances were delivered but are sitting in the dining room.  The gas line was installed and once this gorgeous tile is grouted the appliances will be put in place.

I like a clean look, not antiseptic though.  Mr. Maple found a company that makes these under cabinet electrical strips.  They're awesome.  There will be no unsightly electric outlets visible so I can focus on this gorgeous long white subway tile.  It has a handmade look and I heart it.  The grout will be  light grey.

I do hope my guests like the guest bathroom.  I sure do.  The floor petal tile was used as the background for my shampoo shelf.  This grout will also be light grey.

Mr. Tile Man had to redo my beautiful floor.  There are two ways to lay the tile, depending on the pattern you want.  This is what I wanted and laid out for him to see.  Apparently we didn't "see" eye to eye.  He had to remove it and wait for replacement tile.  I wanted it my way.  The grout will be dark grey.  Notice the baseboard in progress.  Our contractor suggested bathrooms have bull nose tile baseboards.  No getting any wood wet when mopping floors or flinging water about.

All of the electrical isn't turned on just yet so my photos aren't as well lit as I'd like but I think you can see my beautiful laundry room sink.  The countertop is Quartz.  Why not!  

The master shower is grouted and Mr. Plumber is working on the installation of the plumbing parts.  There will be a fixed shower head and this adjustable hose.  That bar also doubles as a safety rail but there will be another installed at the long wall of the shower as well.

Yes, it's a toilet.  We all have them.  I'm sharing because I have this thing about easy to clean.  We first found these American Standard toilets when we replaced all of our toilets in Ohio.  They are smooth sided.  No nooks and crannies.  You want them right?  And they're also ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant at 17 1/2" high.  Oh and if you want to spend the extra money you can get these same toilets where you wave your hand and it flushes like magic.  No touchy.

Our beautiful fireplace is now grouted and the temporary mantle is installed.  The last piece of this puzzle is the front piece that "frames" the fireplace.  We had ceiling lights installed so the fireplace can really shine.

Thankfully the snow is a thing of the past.  But rain, rain and more rain has delayed some outdoor work.  Luckily we had a good day so Mr. Cement Man could pour the concrete.  They're getting ready to build the step down off of the deck.

It's not all been smooth sailing; we have a sink hole.  It happened just recently as a result of Gladys' sons doing something incorrectly with the sprinklers 2 years ago and flooding the basement.  Mr. Maple knew about the flood when we bought the house.  No damage.  Our a/c unit is suppose to sit here but our contractor has to fill in the sink hole before Mr. HVAC man can finish his job.

Abby loves visiting her house.  She knows it's hers.  She loves the big windows so she can survey her territory.  Right now she's watching Mr. and Son Maple build our fence.  

Our move in date is only 10 days later than originally planned.  I think all of the baking has helped keep the work and workers running smoothly, even when the weather didn't.  

Stay tuned, 
Abby and Stephanie


Ulla said...

Beautiful details! You really seem to have thought of everything.

Heidi said...

I really enjoy seeing the progress on your house..
Love the guest bath room :-) And I added another word to my English/American vocabulary... to grout :-))

Needled Mom said...

It is all coming together so beautifully. You will be so happy to finally be settled again. That floor tile looks wonderful and I love those power strips.

Jeanna said...

I love everything here but I have to tell you...that toilet has to be one of my favorite things.

Carrie P. said...

Things are coming together! Love all your tile.
I have not seen a toilet like but I really like it because I hate cleaning them too.
That is so great that Abby feels right at home.

Little Busy Bee said...

What a lovely home you're going to have! Wishing everything runs well and that you're soon happy and settled down!

Simone de Klerk said...

AmAzInG, all you have been doing and has been done! Some days you should be a guest in your own house, once you move in! To admire everyhing anew. When will you be moving in?
Happy weekend!

Sandy said...

Everything looks beautiful. You must be so pleased. Hope the move goes smoothly, too.