Thursday, March 9, 2017


Gladys had her notes and I have mine.  Mr. Maple is doing the interior painting; ceilings, walls, closets.  He needed a cheat sheet as he preferred to paint the rooms the correct color the first time.  If you were to call and ask him what he's doing today he'd tell you he got his paint mixed up and is  doing a little repainting today.  So much for notes.  :o)

The master bedroom is tile cutting central.  Sorry for the poor lighting.  Not all of the new lighting is working yet.

As you enter my living room this is what you see.  My new gas fireplace which is a beautiful focal point of the space.  It's still in progress and the hardware has been installed for our temporary floating mantle.  Remember eventually we'll use the wood from the maple tree we had cut down in the back.  However, if we decide not to put in a temporary mantle we can always use the hardware for coat hooks.  :o)  Oh and I can turn it on with the wall switch or by remote control from the comfort of my chair.  

This beautiful hexagon tile flows from the kitchen to the mud room to the laundry room.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my fabulous cabinetmaker/installers made me a very happy homeowner.  My lower cabinets in the kitchen are all walnut.  And that big opening under the kitchen window is going to have the most gorgeous farmhouse sink ever.

During the planning process I had some requirements.  This cabinet is my new pantry.  The upper has adjustable shelves.  I'm putting the unsightly microwave in there.  Because I planned it ahead of time the electrician could install an outlet.  The lowers are all pullout drawers.  The food can come to me.  

This was also a must have.  It's a mixer lift for my Kitchenaid.  Those things are heavy and I'm getting to old to lift and move it about the kitchen.  I could hurt myself.  Is there a medical code for insurance purposes for broken foot due to Kitchenaid accident?  An outlet will be installed soon.  The electrician wanted to make sure where exactly he needed to put the power.

Because I'm tired of having to get on my hand and knees and dig about my cabinets for "things," I wanted drawers.  All of my drawers are soft close.  No more slamming!

The bottom space in this photo is where my fridge will go.  Above it is a cabinet with another requirement, an organizer for the cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cooling racks.  I've said a few 4-letter words in my day over things falling out and nearly decapitating my toes.  In the grand scheme of things, I'm short.  I'll never be able to reach beyond the second shelf of any cabinet.  I want to have the original step ladder/chair recovered and put back in the kitchen.

Again, not great lighting but this is the master shower.  This is a "toe" shelf for the necessary shaving of the legs.

The hardware has since been installed but the left cabinet is my linen closet in the master bathroom.  The bottom pullout wire bin is a hamper.  It was a "had" to have!

Abby knows this is her house.  She hasn't figured out where her bed and food will go yet.  We'll decide when we move in.  She's had many visitors at the new house.  Most friends, some curious neighbors.  And their dogs have been welcome too.  Abby already had many new friends.

Stay tuned,

Abby and Stephanie


Sandy said...

I love the toe shelf in the master shower although, really, I like everything. Poor Mr. Maple -- I hope he likes painting. Abby has been so patient. I hope she knows it won't be long now, unless of course she is counting in dog days.

Needled Mom said...

.....but your notes are so clear!!! Hmmm.

I love the way everything is turning out. The pull out shelves are the way to go in the kitchen. You will love them. The tiles are beautiful as is the woodwork. I kind of like those awesome coat hooks on the fireplace. ;-)

Jeanna said...

Ok, I love absolutely everything in your new house but...that mixer lifter things has to be my favorite. Or maybe the toe shelf in the master shower. LOL

I'm so excited for you all.

Ulla said...

Oh what clever solutions you have for your kitchen. Deep cupboard shelves are such pain! The kitchen aid shelf is the best. The sink with a view is something you would hardly ever see in a Finnish kitchen, we have the sink under a drying rack cabinet so the water from the plates and glasses will drip in the sink (from the pre-dish washing machine time).

Lynn said...

It's fun seeing the progress on your house. I love the fireplace! All the clever cabinet storage in he kitchen!! Thanks for sharing!

Little Busy Bee said...

It's so exciting to see how everything is turning out! I love the hexagon tile, a good choice for a quilter!;-) And the "toe" shelf, another great idea! I'd love to visit your house, too.

KaHolly said...

Oh, my goodness, you've thought of everything! A toe shelf in the shower? Maybe if I had one, I'd start shaving my legs again! Great idea for the kitchenaide! I had to put mine on casters so it would roll. No way could I move it back and forth, over and over! Gosh, golly, gee, your house is going to be magnificent! XO

mascanlon said...

Cabinet envy for sure! Wonder if I can talk my husband into a total redo😂

Carrie P. said...

Progress is being made. Hopefully Dave got all the painting right!
Love the tile floor.
You are making some great additions that will certainly be nice as you get older.