Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cookie Monsters

Our last post was October 31 and boy there's been a whole lotta progress!  This happened then our contractor had to wait until Mr. Inspector gave his stamp of approval.  It passed.  Then we had rain delays, of course.

We have great guys working on our house.  They're super serious as you can see and well, if you give some guys some cookies...I like to keep them in treats.  Yesterday it was sour cream banana muffins.

Then this happened.  The addition is our laundry and master bathroom.  Then of course our very awesome patio cover.  Do you see the new back door?  That will lead out onto the deck, once it's built.

Here it is.  The door leads to the mud room and the windows on the left are my laundry room.  I like windows.  The window at the back of the house on the far right is my kitchen window.  It'll be new and bigger soon.

There used to be a back door here.  There will be a wall diving these two spaces, laundry room on the left, master bathroom on the right.  The first entry area is the mud room and far back left is the laundry.

This is the new opening in our master bedroom leads to the new potty land.  The far back is the walk in shower, no step up, with my requested window.  We'll have two windows in the bathroom.  Yesterday we met with our cabinet maker.  He's finishing our kitchen cabinets and next he'll be working on our new bathroom vanities and linen closet.  It's getting very very exciting!

We met with our contractor yesterday as well because we had decisions to make.  They usually cost money and so far, no bad news.  See the fireplace?  We're converting it to gas.  However, since we bought the house I have been struggling to decide furniture arrangement based on the odd location of the fireplace.  Right behind it is the front door.  So our HVAC guy said since it's in an odd location, how about moving it.  I love the HVAC guy.  He gets me.  Mr. Maple walked away and said the decision is mine.  

The fireplace is going to be moved to the back wall adjacent to the garage.  There is space and the venting and gas will be easier to make happen.  So when you walk into the living room there will be a nice focal point.  We've decided we're spending our kids inheritance.    As you can see my new windows have arrived.  They're leaning against walls in bedrooms too.

Perhaps the most exciting thing I my world is the installation of my new front door.  Now to order the door hardware.  I've made so many decisions lately that my brain hurts.  I'm already in a tizzy over paint colors, exterior and interior but Daughter Maple will be here for the holidays and will help me make choices.

Stay Tuned, Abby and Stephanie


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Looks like fun and lots of decisions!

Candace said...

So much great progress! I can see a nice, cozy reading chair in the corner where the old fireplace is! Happy workers make a happy house! They surely appreciate the extra calories in the cold weather, too!

Jeanna said...

It's nice to have some very serious workers doing the important jobs. I hope Larry, Mo and Curly are enjoying the treats!

This is all very exciting and I love that Mr. Maple is so flexible. You are also very fortunate to have a Daughter Maple with the same creative and artistic talents as you.

Can't wait to see more :)

Kim said...

I like your plan to relocate the fireplace. will the old fireplace brick be removed from the entry? Lots of wonderful progress there. 😊

Needled Mom said...

The decisions are always so wearing on the brain....will it be right or what if.....!!! Things are progressing beautifully. I'll bet you are eager to get moved into it.

Sandy said...

What a difference a month makes. I, too, love the plan to move the fireplace. Will you re-use the old bricks, or choose something new?

Carrie P. said...

WOW! lots of progress. We will have a window in our shower too. Great idea to move the fireplace. It really is in a odd place.

Yvonne W said...

Decisions! Decisions! And more decisions! I haven't been in blogland for ages, so trying to catch up with the progress of the house. Well I agree with all those decisions-- progressing very well.