Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Scary Basement

Not my favorite room in any house.  From the kitchen we go down into the basement.

Immediately to the left is this sizable space.  When we first saw this house the entire basement was FULL.  Did I mention it was FULL??  The white stove at the back left is connected to a chimney.  The stove is going to Son Maple and the chimney will be removed once construction starts.  The room to the right is a curious bathroom.  

This space is where the laundry area is set up.  I don't do basements so the laundry room is moving upstairs.  

Looking up from the laundry space is this hole.  In a previous post I mentioned that the only bathroom upstairs has a hole in the floor and this was used as the laundry chute.  No lie.

To the right coming down the basement stairs is this nice space.  Mr. Maple is going to convert into his stained glass studio.  To the far back and right...

is this space.  I won't go in there.  I couldn't find a light and it's storage space under the stairs.

This amazing work bench belonged to the grandfather.  No one wanted it and it's built to last forever. Mr. Maple said he'd love to have it so it stayed with the house.  This is also in the future stained glass studio.

Continuing through the future studio is this huge room.  Mr. Maple is going to have his own man cave.  The windows are to the back of the house.  Look at all of that storage.  It'd make a wonderful sewing studio but I don't do basements.  

Opposite the built in storage in the previous photo is this wall of closet storage.  The opposing side walls are paneling.  Oy!

If you look down there is this floor that is going to become a nicer floor.

If you look up you'll see there needs to be a little ceiling tile repair.

I wonder who ever thought accordion pleated doors were OK?  

Now we go back up to the top of the stairs and into the kitchen.  Looks like some sanding and painting of stairs are in our future.  The basement isn't as scary now but in case I didn't mention that when we first saw the house it was FULL.

And good news...today we got a call that our building permit is approved and ready.  Our contractor is starting next week!

Stay tuned, Abby and Stephanie


Niesz Vintage Home said...

The makeshift laundry chute/hole kills me! Lol
The mister made out well with that awesome work branch, though. 😊

Niesz Vintage Home said...

That's "bench". Sigh...auto correct

Sandy said...

What an interesting basement. Safe to say that all the storage cabinets and work bench are one of a kind. No longer quite so scary!

mascanlon said...

Thanks for the very fun basement tour. The house I grew up in and several alcoves and cellars that always frightened the daylights out of me There was a criminal character Nancy Drew book or Trixie Belden called Vine Thompson who hide out in someone's cellar...still gives me the creeps!

Bellbird said...

We mostly don't do basements/cellars here in Australia but some older houses such as the one on my grandparents farm had them. I didn't go down there as it was home to the odd snake and exploding bottles of ginger beer. Yours looks fabulous.

Polly said...

I am sooooo with you on basements. I grew up in Florida, and moved here to northern VA, just outside of DC, in 1998. Every house here has a basement. In Florida, with the water table below ground, there are NO basements ever,. If you are below ground in Florida, you are DEAD. Basement do creeep me out... not helped by all the scary movies...plus the older I get, the more claustrophobic tendencies I unfortunately acquire... Just stay upstairs. And put a DEAD BOLT on that door!

Candace said...

It was not only scary, but so danged full....ask me how I know. I think it was the pile of wire coat hangers tottering sbove the washing machine that had me scurrying back up the stairs!!!

Jeanna said...

The basement is great space, if weren't the basement. I'm with you on that, why are they so scary?

Mr. Maple is going to have a nice studio. Maybe he will make you a maple leaf window :)

Carrie P. said...

Wow! those shelves are awesome. I am sure those will be put to great use by hubby. I sure wish you lived closer so I could have him make a stained glass window for our new house.

Lynn said...

Is there a door in the basement going outside? That makes a big difference for me. I grew up with a scary basement. Our house here has a ginormous basement and most of it is ground level cause our house is on a hill, there are 2 doors leading outside and my sewing room is down there! It's the brightest room in our house! Now the scary dirt room off of the utility room I will never go in 🕷👻☠️👻

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny! I was reading along thinking my first comment would be "At least you didn't find any bodies down there" but then I got to that closet. So, now I can't use my first closet. 'Cause, well, ... ;-DDD

Simone de Klerk said...

I have the same thing with basements. Have always found them scary and 'haunted'. But very spacious indeed!

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